Monday, 3 June 2013

Evening Attire ~ Men / Männer / Homens / Mensen

Today I am bestowing upon both sexes a few matchups for a classy night out. At times you may look and think "My goodness, this all looks sooooo expensive"... I promise, all the items for the following outfits are for the 'mid-range' budget! Cheers!

Vandaag ben ik die kregen beide geslachten een paar matchups voor een stijlvolle avond uit. Soms zult kijken en denken "Mijn hemel, dit ziet er allemaal zo duur" ... Ik beloof, alle items voor de volgende outfits zijn voor de begroting van de 'mid-range'! Cheers!

Hoje eu estou dando em cima de ambos os sexos, alguns combates para uma noite elegante. Às vezes você pode olhar e pensar: "Meu Deus, isso tudo parece tão caro" ... Eu prometo, todos os itens para os seguintes equipamentos são para o orçamento "mid-range"! Felicidades!

Heute bin ich bei beiden Geschlechtern Verleihung ein paar Begegnungen für einen noblen Nacht. Manchmal werden Sie  denken "Meine Güte, das sieht alles so teuer" ... Ich verspreche, dass alle Einzelteile für die folgenden Outfits sind für die "Mid-Range" Budget! Cheers!




Gents, for those of you who don't understand this photo, I have asked many women in many different countries and they all say mens undergarments are seriously lacking in style and "hotness" So gents, dress it up a little bit! That late-night outing may turn steamy evening!

A denim clássico, comprado em qualquer loja, com um slim-fit, basta rolar a bainha na parte inferior e você está no seu caminho! 

Halte es chic, mit einem seidenmatten Finish, eine passende Weste und Blazer mit Miami Nacht-shirt, für einen sehr edel Abend machen. 
al heb je deze specifieke kleur niet kan vinden, zal elke laag uitgesneden laars met een schitterende glans elke outfit te vullen, maar vooral een aanvulling op de accentverlichting in de meeste alle restaurants. 
and a final touch, adding a side-bag that contrasts the upper portion of your outfit always makes for a sleeker line and of course, makes for an amazing place to store your goods, and gents, this includes Cologne!

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Voor de lente / zomer; twee veelzijdige stijlen... Mensen,

Goedendag mede-lezers, vandaag had ik een drang om twee stijlen die zijn veelzijdig voor het late voorjaar en de vroege zomer samen te stellen.

Good day fellow readers, today I had an urge to compile two styles that are versatile for the late spring and early summer. Something to make you stand out, but match to the nines! Not over the top mind you... this is not back to the 80's. Sorry retro peeps ~

Colegas leitores bom dia, hoje eu tinha um desejo para compilar dois estilos que são versáteis para o final da primavera e início do verão.

Stijl een:
[Style one:]
[Estilo Um:]

I call this "A day of flare in Lisboa" or "A Venetian scouter":

Sunglasses never have to be specific to an outfit, but hey, if you have the spare change to purchase a pair of Ray-Ban aviators, then red is an all around functional colour. Aviators when wore cause a "sense of peace and  a timeless classic ". 

A nice striped shirt is always a great item to keep in your wardrobe. The colours in all honesty do not always need to match the rest of your outfit. Stripes give this "divergent energy" look to your styles. But of course a little colour coordination is always nice.

Though Prep-fit shorts may be a bit too short for spring, these rugged yet sophistiqué shorts will make any outfit and since they are a neutral colour can be paired with even the boldest of colours!

If I can speak from experience, then shoes are one of the hardest pieces of an outfit to stylize with whether it be corresponding colours or opposites. 

Ray-Ban - RB3026 Aviator ~ $180 / 140
Hollister Co. - Dudes Aliso Creek T-Shirt ~ $30 / 25
Hollister Co. - Prep Fit Short in White ~ $60 / 45
Toms - Earthwise Shiraz Men's Vegan Classics ~ $65 CAD / 45

Stijl twee:
[Style two:]
[Estilo dois:]

I call this "A California day dream on the beach":

With each of my styles, I really do like to grasp the sense of having a good pair of sunglasses that suit you and your needs. They do not HAVE to match of course, however, again similar shades  of the same colour always pops!

Tanks; Tanks and not those big machines! These pieces of textile are very popular in North America, and not so much in Europe. However, not all of my post can be about Europe so, a tank with any bottom piece of clothing looks nice, however jeans and a tank may not be a good idea on one of those hot days.
A good pair of light pastel coloured shorts really makes for a nice,  casual bottom to an outfit.

Loafers / Drivers / Moccasins, whichever you know them as, these versatile shoes with the high grip backing make for nice traction and when walking on the boardwalk at times the wood has been worn away to a point of where the planks are so smooth you may even slip! 
The reason I paired this white bracelet accessory is because, even the most hip or casual of a
style can always afford a bracelet or ankle-bracelet!

Lacoste - Mens Landon ~ $148 / 120
American Eagle - AE Shoreline Tank ~ $20 / 15
American Eagle - Prep Fit Short in Neon Lemon/Lime ~ $40 / 30
Lacoste - Mens Concours 6 ~ $150 CAD / 120
WWW.URBAN-MALE.COM - Leather Wrap Bracelet ~ $20 / 15

Friday, 5 April 2013

Men's Bags, the underused accessories exposed

Today's post is on a subject that is so diverse amongst continents, it is unimaginable.
Bags, all different designs of bags, hand-bags, satchels, totes and weekenders. They all make a bold statement when you walk into your local café, or the office. Please, do enjoy these fine pieces of art below:

Off all the fashion brands in our world, Bottega Veneta, based just outside of Venice, Italy; they take a modern and historic approach to their symbolic "leather weave". With the photo above, any man can wear this functional side-bag as I like to call it... A messenger bag if you will. Pairing this bag with similar coloured shoes will make you stand out at any function, or simply walking down the street! 

Of all the accessories a business man could have, a briefcase is not only common... it is essential! Following up on Bottega Veneta, you can clearly see why so many people are in awe with the brand. The leather weave so allusive to the brand makes it eye candy to any fashion-E-stud.  This compact, yet functional briefcase with handle most all of your business needs, and it wont completely rip your wallet in half with the price!
For those of you aspiring lawyers, it is essential to have a form of protection when walking down the street to the court houses, whether it be for confidentiality or to protect the items from rain. This functional little hand-bag/stylish folder makes for the addition to your Italian Wool suits (for those of us big spenders). If you plan to show a ready and organized image of yourself, then this piece of fine craftsmanship is a small step towards just that! 

Backpacks, backpacks and more backpacks. You see these lovely inventions anywhere where a school may be... however you do not always see them amongst adults or graduated students from any learning institute! These bags are very functional and are more spacious then you may think! With so many different ways to wear it.. whether that me the two shoulder straps centred over your back... the "one shoulder sling" or the "grab the handle and walk with that bag", at a price not to scary for anyone, backpacks make fine pieces to any outfit!

Totes, those lovely, durable and "made of anything" bags. Totes are If I can speak for a large majority of the worlds population are the most used mags among men, and women... (However I think purses beat totes when discussing women). These fine bags are rather inexpensive and you can find one at almost every store that has bags sold in it. With most all name brand shoppes fabricating totes, you have a lot of options on price, styles and the name!

Weekender bags are, as the name states; a very versatile bag that is most popular for light packing on the weekend. Whether it be a trip with some friends to a beach house in Malibu for the weekend or a light-packed business trip for a few days. Messenger bags make a dazzling display of style and functionality!

Below are the websites to the above bag designers:

Dank U wel! Merci! Danke Mehr! Dankie!

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Fendi-Fendi, NOT Prada ~Women~

 Fendi, one of the most iconic fashion brands for women is only stepping their game up! With trendsetting new features, like slit cut skirts in retro colours, or taking a simply design and making it a 10/10 on the elegance and functionality scale. And Fendi has always had exquisite taste in clutches and small functional bags, the Italian way.

Perhaps a Beach Board Walk outfit? Could you imagine strolling a boardwalk in Sardegna? 

I can only see a few women being able to pull this attire off. A "onesie" with high belt is beautiful, along side the orange fur blazer to the left.

A slit retro coloured skirt with matching dress jacket. This outfit makes for clothing in the 60's 

A clutch.. or two.... or maybe three?

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Salvatore Ferragamo ~MEN~

Salvatore Ferragamo:

Todays post is a few accessories from Salvatore Ferragamo. Salvatore Ferragamo takes an interesting approach to mens loafers and their totes alike, not to mention their sleek looking sunglasses, as seen below.

Monday, 11 March 2013

Dries Van Noten ~ A Belgian Beaut! ~MEN~

Finally, fashion designers are pulling their heads out of the sand and re-introducing the "see-thru" fishnet haute couture. This 2013 Spring/Summer Collection is just the start of it! I recently watched the Louis V 2013 Spring/Summer collection for women, and for those of you interested in florals and retro colours... Your wait may be coming to an end.

A Classic match-up trouser to satchel by fashion designer, Dries Van Noten [One of the "Six of Antwerpen"]  
Van Noten takes an interesting approach on new camo styles, as seen above.

For those of you men, If you are into the camo design, I would suggest visiting your nearest Dries Van Noten store. However for us Canadian's, if you are in the west, San Francisco is your closest shoppe, and in the East, well... good ol' New York City.

A little bit on me, nothing more.~~

Good Day, Goedendag, Guten Tag, Bonne Journée.

Hello Everyone, My Name is Keegan, [Kæg] for short. I am a first Generation Canadian from a pair of interesting parents. My roots are in Europe, my family is in Europe, and you are darn right... My fashion is too in Europe. I follow many top-notch blogs for European fashion and I want to bring to the world, fashion, of a small european charmed town. However I would not dare leave you in the dark on Europe's beautiful traditions. 

Hallo, Welkom op mijn blog. Ik spreeck Afrikaans/Nederlands. Mijn Vader is geboren in Haarlem, Holland, maar verhuidse hij met zijn orders naar Pietermaritzburg,town Suid-Afrika  hij nog maar 8. 

Hallo und Herzlich Wilkommen auf Meinem Blog. Ich spracht Englisch, ein bisschen Hamburger Deutsch, und Afrikaans mit Holländisch.

Bonjour Tout le monde. Bienvenue à mon Blog personel. Je parle afrikaans/hollandais, allemand à Hamburg et anglais Canadien. 

Okay, moving on. most of my posts shall be in English, for convenience, however I will try to post in as many languages as so fit. 

Now, here is my philosophy for today, and everyday alike...